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Today Local Prayer Times in Dallas
May 20, 2023
5:07 am 6:19 am 1:23 pm 5:06 pm 8:28 pm 9:40 pm
Dallas, USA

We have crafted a convenient timetable for you containing the fasting hours for the city during Ramadan. Fasting during this period is a meaningful practice that promotes both spiritual and physical well-being. We hope this Ramadan fasting calendar for Dallas 2023 will make it easier and more precise for you to plan your Iftar and Sehar experiences. PDF download available.

Ramazan 2023 Fasting Schedule for Dallas


Ramadan #DateFajr/SuhoorIftar/Maghrib
122, Wed6:04 AM7:41 PM
223, Thu6:04 AM7:41 PM
324, Fri6:03 AM7:42 PM
425, Sat6:01 AM7:43 PM
526, Sun6:00 AM7:44 PM
627, Mon5:58 AM7:44 PM
728, Tue5:57 AM7:45 PM
829, Wed5:55 AM7:46 PM
930, Thu5:54 AM7:46 PM
1031, Fri5:53 AM7:47 PM
1101, Sat5:51 AM7:48 PM
1202, Sun5:50 AM7:49 PM
1303, Mon5:48 AM7:49 PM
1404, Tue5:47 AM7:50 PM
1505, Wed5:45 AM7:51 PM
1606, Thu5:44 AM7:51 PM
1707, Fri5:42 AM7:52 PM
1808, Sat5:41 AM7:53 PM
1909, Sun5:39 AM7:54 PM
2010, Mon5:38 AM7:54 PM
2111, Tue5:36 AM7:55 PM
2212, Wed5:35 AM7:56 PM
2313, Thu5:34 AM7:56 PM
2414, Fri5:32 AM7:57 PM
2515, Sat5:31 AM7:58 PM
2616, Sun5:29 AM7:59 PM
2717, Mon5:28 AM7:59 PM
2818, Tue5:26 AM8:00 PM
2919, Wed5:25 AM8:01 PM
3020, Thu5:24 AM8:02 PM

Dallas Daily Prayer Times


Observing Ramadan in Dallas TX

Ramadan is a time of prayers, spiritual growth, charity and community-building. In Dallas, you can observe Ramadan in many different ways. There are Masjids and Islamic centers across the city where Muslims can gather and offer salah and taravih prayers together. Some of these are Islamic Center of Dallas, Masjid al Islam, and Al Razzaq Islamic Center.

You can participate in community events and gatherings that take place every year during the holy month. Also, you can join public Iftar and Suhoor events with the Muslim community in the city.

Let’s prepare for Ramadan and join the spirit!



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