About Us

RamadanTips.com is an endeavor to supply Muslim community with all stuff related to Holy Ramadan. As we know, Ramadan al Mubarak is the month of fasting, prayer, purity and chastity and we have to convert our lifestyles accordingly. We fast in the whole month of Ramadan, everyday from the dawn time (suhoor) and break it at the dusk moment (iftar). We offer prayers other than FARZ, including nafil, offer zakat, taravih with Isha prayer and many others that we don’t usually.

Be men or women, everyone is engaged in particular Ramadan activites. Women have to prepare foods for suhoor and iftar whereas men have to shop grocery for Ramadan, offer Taravih and so on. Additional prayers such as nawafil, reciting Holy Quran and fasting come on the part of both men and women as well. Some people also perform Umrah as Ramadan arrives.

We can term Ramadan activities as Ramadan Lifestyle and that is something RamadanTips.com is going to help you with.

Major focus of this website is to provide:

  • General Information About Ramadan (2017)
  • Ramadan calendar for Various Locations in USA, Canada, Europe and Middle East
  • Ramadan recipes including Iftar and Suhoor Recipes
  • Ramadan prayer guides
  • and tips and ideas to welcome the month of Ramadan

If you are looking for any Ramadan related stuff, keep visiting us.

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