Ramadan Wishes and Quotes

Ramadan Wishes and Quotes: Assalam o Alaikum all Muslims, Happy Ramadan Kareem is here with all it’s blessings and peace. Truly fortunate we are to see this blissful month once more in our life. It is a month of blessings, and forgiveness. In the month of Ramadan ul Mubarak, devil is chained and gates of hell are closed. We can’t keep ourselves from cheering its arrival. So we gotta scrape together beautiful prayers and Ramadan greetings in English as laid out below:



Happy Ramadan Wishes


  1. Happy Ramadan Kareem! I wish you delight and blessings of Holy Ramadan from whole of my heart. It is loveliest of the months, awaited the most. Have fullest of it.


  1. All praises are to ALLAH SWT; HE blessed us with another Ramadan, another chance to have our sins pardoned. May we obtain the maximum of this Holy Month. A Very Happy Ramadan!


  1. May this Ramadan Kareem bring us forgiveness, blessings, physical and spiritual prosperity. Have a Blissful Ramadan!


  1. Let’s celebrate the arrival of Ramadan. May it fill our lives with abstinence, forbearance, and thankfulness towards ALLAH SWT. Happy Ramadan Kareem!


  1. Sighting the moon of Holy Ramadan, I feel blessed and prosperous. May ALLAH SWT accept our fasting and prayers and forgive our sins. Happy Ramadan Mubarak.


  1. After a year, here is Ramadan again. The month which can protect us from hellfire. O’ALLAH! Forgive us in this beautiful month. Save me, my family, friends and relatives from fire. Ameen. Greetings of the month!


  1. As we recite the Holy Qur’an in Ramadan, may ALLAH help us practice it in our everyday lives. May we become the practical example of Qur’an teachings. Have a Blessed Ramadan!


  1. Dear, I wish you a very Happy Ramadan, a month in which devil is locked up and gates of hell are closed.


  1. Let’s welcome Ramadan, the month of blessings, mercy and forgiveness. May we find inner peace and harmony; may ALLAH be pleased with us. Happy Ramadan Kareem!


  1. The month of blessings has come. It’s time to ask forgiveness for all our sins, misdeeds, and wrong-doings. Ramadan Mubarak!



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Ramadan Quotes


  1. The blissful month of Ramadan has arrived. This is the month when all our prayers will reach The Almighty. Have faith in him, do fasting and offer more prayer!


  1. Ramadan is the month when Qura’n e Majeed was revealed to the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him); let’s study Quran and practice its teachings in our lives.


  1. Ramadan with all its blessings and rewards has come. It is calling all Muslims to perform their devotions, and ask for mercy and forgiveness from ALLAH JJH.


  1. ALLAH SWT said: “Fasting is for me and I shall reward for it”
    Let’s dedicate ourselves for fasting, for the devotion of the holy Ramadan and seek rewards that ALLAH has promised.


  1. May our fasting, salah, prayers and devotion during the Holy Ramadan be accepted in the court of ALLAH SWT. O’ALLAH! Protect us from the hellfire.


  1. Ramadan is a flash of hope for Muslims, those who have fear for their Lord. Seek ALLAH’s forgiveness every passing day, especially in Ramadan.


  1. Whensoever, ALLAH JJH is with you with his blessings and guidance toward the right path. Keep assessing yourself and adopt abstinence and sobriety.


  1. One may not perform all the rituals perfectly in the Holy Ramadan. However, ALLAH SWT is merciful. He is forgiving. He will consider your devotion and dedication. Do fasting and pray more in Ramadan.


  1. Do not change yourself only for Ramadan but try to reform your lives according to ALLAH’s will.


  1. Days with fasting, offering Tahajjud, wet eyes, hands raised for praying; this depicts what Ramadan is. May all Ramadan blessings shower upon us.





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