Ramadan Wishes for Husband

Happy Ramadan Wishes for Husband (2024)

If you’re a married woman, your husband is the most precious person in your life. At the time of arrival of Ramadan, a beautiful greeting message is need of the moment. So here are beautiful Ramadan Kareem wishes for Husband. Pick one and wish him the blessings of the holy month.


  1. Dear Husband, Happy Ramadan Blessings! It’s you who made my life so meaningful. May ALLAH SWT shower his blessings on you. I wish you keep succeeding and prospering. Love.


  1. Let me pray to ALLAH JJH to keep you blessed always. May this Ramadan bring you forbearance, intercession and all blessings in your way. Happy Ramadan Kareem!


  1. Sighting the Ramadan moon, the first pray my lips uttered is, May ALLAH SWT succeed you all your way. Ramadan Mubarak!


  1. Dear Hubby, I greet you the arrival of the Holy Ramadan. All your fasting, prayers and devotion be accepted in the court of ALLAH JJH. A Blessed Ramadan to you!


  1. Hey hubby, let’s prepare for fasting together, the bright moments of suhoor, the splendor of iftar, beautiful prayer of taraveeh, and everything the holy month brings us.. Ramadan Mubarak 🙂


  1. While you come home from work, I will prepare delicious Iftar for you. Let’s welcome the holy month, the month of forgiveness and blessings. Bliss and Blessings!


  1. Happy Ramadan to my wonderful husband. As I saw the crescent of Ramadan, I impulsively prayed for your success. Love you!


  1. Happy Ramadan Kareem to my loving husband. I wish you all blessings and happiness of this auspicious month.



  1. May ALLAH SWT shower his blessings and keep you prospered and succeeded. Ramadan Mubarak


  1. I wish, in this Ramadan, all your wishes come true. You find achievements and accomplishments in every field. Stay strong and believe in ALLAH. My prayers are always with you. Happy Ramadan!


  1. May ALLAH accept our fasting, prayers, taraveeh and all our good deeds. Let’s seek forgiveness and strength of Iman. Ramadan Mubarak!


  1. Ramadan is the month of freedom from the hellfire. Dear Spouse, I wish this Ramadan, we both get the pleasing of ALLAH SWT and protection from the hell. Ameen. Have a blessed Ramadan!



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