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A prayer mat is used by Muslims for offering Salah. It is usually required in homes, offices or while traveling where you are unable to visit a Mosque. In this post, we have discussed everything about the Muslim prayer rugs such as its types, shapes, material, importance, all relevant information, and why you should use one.

You can also choose to shop your desired Islamic prayer mat online.

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What does a prayer mat mean?

A prayer mat is a clean rectangle shaped fabric laid on the ground for offering salah. Muslims offer salat five times a day on the mat that is placed in the Qiblah direction. These mats come in various sizes and capacities such as for a couple, four or six persons.


Types and shapes

Praying mats come in different shapes and types that include:


Standard prayer mats come in rectangular shape. These are usually four feet long, made with fleece, cotton, polyester, woolen or even handmade. Being larger in size, these mats provide extra cushioning for the knees of the praying person.

Mats with Built-in Compass:

Prayer Rug with Compass

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Some special mats come with built-in compass for help you indicate the right Qiblah direction. These mats are helpful for travelers and tourists.

Rugs with straps:

These prayer rugs come with bands to carry it along for offering salah while traveling or camping. Just like you carry a backpack, you can carry these mats anywhere you go.


Why do you need to a prayer mat?

Here are some good reasons why you should offer your salahs using a prayer rug:

  • It helps you keep focused and accurate during your prayers.
  • They provide buffer for your knees and other joints, which can be helpful if you are praying for a long time.
  • It provides a clean and dirt-free praying space.
  • It gives privacy and humbleness while offering salah.


How to choose the right salah mat?

While opting for a prayer mat, you should consider the following factors:


In certain scenarios, you may need a larger or smaller mat for offering salah. These scenarios may include requirement for an extra-tall person, kids, a couple or a group of 4,6 or 8 persons.


As there are various types of mats available, you should go for the one that suits your specific requirement. If you want a special one, you can look out for mats with straps or compartments for placing Qur’aan.


Prayer mats are manufactured in different materials such as nylon, polyester, cotton, wool or plain fabric. Some people have skin allergy problem, if you have so, choose the material accordingly. Comfort is another factor for some to consider while choosing a prayer rug.


The design of the mat depends on the region it is manufactured. Some mats have a wholly plain design. However, some include graphics of Islamic art or symbols such as minarets or domes. The most common feature of a salah rug is the prayer niche, which is a small indentation in the center of the fabric that is used to position your forehead while praying.



importance of salah rugs

Muslims take Salah prayer very seriously. A praying mat helps ensure the prayer is standing in the correct position and direction. It also provides a comfy feel while you place your forehead on the surface before ALLAH SWT.

Prayer rugs also become important for large salat gatherings such as Friday or Eid day prayers which usually have to extend to parks or sometimes on streets.


Other names

A prayer mat is also known as a Musallah, prayer rug, salah mat or an Islamic mat. These all names refer to the praying surface made with a fabric, polyester, nylon or wool.


Group prayer mats

Group mats are larger than standard prayer mats. They are designed for a group of four, six, eight or more people. These mats are placed in rows in the mosques or in the middle of the building room. Yet these mats have designated spots for each individual.

Prayer mats for couples

Some couples usually husband and wife choose to offer prayer together on a single prayer mat. This is a way for the couple to strengthen their bond and connect with each other spiritually. Praying together helps the duo stay focused and connected during times of stress and difficulty. For unmarried, it is recommended to pray on individual mats.

Mat for 4 persons

This prayer mat is designed for a small group of people, up to four worshippers. These mats are designed with reasonable space for individuals. It can be placed in a small Masjid, in your home or at any small place designated for offering Salat. You can buy this 4 person mat online via Amazon.

4 person prayer mats

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These mats are also helpful for Friday or Eid day prayers where you may offer additional space to other Muslim brothers. It also encourages praying Salat together with parents, spouse or kids at home.


Prayer rugs for 5, 6 and 8 persons

There are group prayer rugs available for 5, 6, 8 or even more individuals. You can choose a suitable one that fits for a designated praying room or number of your family members. It is also a great choice for your office.


Prayer mats for mosques (buy online)

These are special praying rugs, large enough to accommodate up to fifty or hundreds of worshippers, depending upon the size of the row. Mosque prayer mats are made with high quality materials, easy to clean, and are soft enough.

Following are some of the sample mats available for sale on Amazon.

prayer rugs for mosque

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Green prayer mats (shop online)

The most popular color for Muslim prayer mats is green, as it is the traditional color of Islam.

If you are in the balance of which color to choose, then green is good to go. Green color reflects faith, nature, freshness, and cleanness. Light blue is also a popular color as it represents sky and heaven.

Following are some green Islamic prayer mats you can choose for shopping online:

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Whatever color you like, the things to ensure is its soft material and comfortability. The mat should be large enough to kneel on and perform sajdah properly. Having a border on the edges is a plus point as it will keep you from slipping.

In addition to Islam, prayer mats are used in other religions as well. Actually, anyone can use it for worshipping in a kneeling posture. It is used in Christianity and Judaism as well.


Disposable prayer mats

Disposable Prayer Mats

Disposable praying mats are easy to pack and take away with you. It is useful for those who are going for a long travel or have to pray Salat in a public place.

Traditional or disposable, whichever mat you choose, the key is to seek spirituality and connectedness to ALLAH during your Salah.

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An organic prayer mat is manufactured with natural materials such as wool or cotton, and is more expensive than others. Some users believe that these mats are better for the skin. Many Muslim men and women prefer to choose organically made mats for offering their Salah prayers.


Frequently asked questions

Are prayer mats holy?

Prayer mats are not holy; they are pieces of cloth to provide a neat area for bowing before ALLAH.
You can offer Salat on any surface that is clean, however for gents, going to a Masjid is recommended. Females can pray Salah at home on any traditional rug, but using a specific praying mat is better.


What are prayer mats used for?

Muslims practice salah on the prayer mat. The mat provides a neat and pious surface to kneel and do the sujood during salah. They also have a special design that is meant to help Muslims orient themselves during prayer. This design typically includes a large central area where the person praying kneels, and several smaller areas around the edge of the mat which designate the different directions of prayer.


Do I need a prayer mat to pray?

Praying mat is not a must. Salahs can be offered at any neat place once you perform Wudhu and face towards Qibla in Makkah. However, a disposable mat is useful for praying at home or any outdoor place. It makes praying easier and more comfortable. Masjids and other religious buildings provide large prayer mats for group salats.


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