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Iftar Sehar Timings (March/April 2024)

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Calculation Method: Islamic Society of North America (ISNA)

DateRamadan DateDaySeharIftar
11-Mar1Monday6:26 AM7:36 PM
12-Mar2Tuesday6:24 AM7:38 PM
13-Mar3Wednesday6:21 AM7:40 PM
14-Mar4Thursday6:19 AM7:41 PM
15-Mar5Friday6:16 AM7:43 PM
16-Mar6Saturday6:14 AM7:45 PM
17-Mar7Sunday6:12 AM7:46 PM
18-Mar8Monday6:09 AM7:48 PM
19-Mar9Tuesday6:07 AM7:50 PM
20-Mar10Wednesday6:04 AM7:51 PM
21-Mar11Thursday6:02 AM7:53 PM
22-Mar12Friday5:59 AM7:55 PM
23-Mar13Saturday5:57 AM7:56 PM
24-Mar14Sunday5:54 AM7:58 PM
25-Mar15Monday5:52 AM8:00 PM
26-Mar16Tuesday5:49 AM8:01 PM
27-Mar17Wednesday5:47 AM8:03 PM
28-Mar18Thursday5:44 AM8:05 PM
29-Mar19Friday5:42 AM8:06 PM
30-Mar20Saturday5:39 AM8:08 PM
31-Mar21Sunday5:36 AM8:09 PM
1-Apr22Monday5:34 AM8:11 PM
2-Apr23Tuesday5:31 AM8:13 PM
3-Apr24Wednesday5:29 AM8:14 PM
4-Apr25Thursday5:26 AM8:16 PM
5-Apr26Friday5:23 AM8:18 PM
6-Apr27Saturday5:21 AM8:19 PM
7-Apr28Sunday5:18 AM8:21 PM
8-Apr29Monday5:15 AM8:23 PM
9-Apr30Tuesday5:13 AM8:24 PM

In 2024, the Muslim community is expected to begin their sacred fasting period on March 11th, although this date is tentative and subject to the sighting of the moon.

During this holy month, followers can refer to the provided timetable for guidance on Sehar (pre-dawn meal) and Iftar (meal to break the fast) times.

For added caution, it is advisable to adjust the timing by one minute for both Sehar and Iftar to ensure accuracy.



Taravih Prayers in Calgary

  • Baitul Mukarram Islamic Centre: A non-profit community organization offering various religious services.
  • Al-Madinah Calgary Islamic Assembly: Known for its community services and prayer timings.
  • Akram Jomaa Islamic Center: The largest Islamic Centre in Western Canada, providing a range of Islamic services.

For the most accurate information on Taravih prayer times and Ramadan activities, it’s advisable to directly contact these mosques or visit their official websites. Participating in Taravih prayers in Calgary offers a profound opportunity for spiritual growth and community bonding during the holy month of Ramadan.



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