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Atlanta Ramadan Fasting Calendar (2024)

Ramadan Atlanta GA

Atlanta Ramadan Fasting Schedule.

Sehar and Iftar Timetable (March / April 2024)


DateRamadan DateDaySeharIftar
11-Mar1Monday6:45 AM7:42 PM
12-Mar2Tuesday6:44 AM7:43 PM
13-Mar3Wednesday6:43 AM7:44 PM
14-Mar4Thursday6:41 AM7:45 PM
15-Mar5Friday6:40 AM7:45 PM
16-Mar6Saturday6:38 AM7:46 PM
17-Mar7Sunday6:37 AM7:47 PM
18-Mar8Monday6:36 AM7:48 PM
19-Mar9Tuesday6:34 AM7:49 PM
20-Mar10Wednesday6:33 AM7:49 PM
21-Mar11Thursday6:31 AM7:50 PM
22-Mar12Friday6:30 AM7:51 PM
23-Mar13Saturday6:29 AM7:52 PM
24-Mar14Sunday6:27 AM7:52 PM
25-Mar15Monday6:26 AM7:53 PM
26-Mar16Tuesday6:24 AM7:54 PM
27-Mar17Wednesday6:23 AM7:55 PM
28-Mar18Thursday6:21 AM7:55 PM
29-Mar19Friday6:20 AM7:56 PM
30-Mar20Saturday6:18 AM7:57 PM
31-Mar21Sunday6:17 AM7:58 PM
1-Apr22Monday6:16 AM7:58 PM
2-Apr23Tuesday6:14 AM7:59 PM
3-Apr24Wednesday6:13 AM8:00 PM
4-Apr25Thursday6:11 AM8:01 PM
5-Apr26Friday6:10 AM8:01 PM
6-Apr27Saturday6:08 AM8:02 PM
7-Apr28Sunday6:07 AM8:03 PM
8-Apr29Monday6:05 AM8:04 PM
9-Apr30Tuesday6:04 AM8:04 PM


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Taraweeh Prayers in Atlanta

Al-Farooq Masjid in Atlanta, GA, is a central location for Muslims seeking to perform Taraweeh prayers during Ramadan. Located at 442 14th Street NW, Atlanta, GA 30318, Al-Farooq Masjid is committed to serving the spiritual, educational, and social needs of the Muslim community in Atlanta and Central Georgia.

Al-Farooq Masjid provides comprehensive services during Ramadan, including:

  • Open Iftar and Dinner: The mosque hosts open Iftar and dinner for the community, with dates and water bottles provided for breaking the fast.
  • Taraweeh Prayers: Special nightly prayers are conducted, enhancing the Ramadan experience for attendees.
  • Itikaf During the Last Ten Days: The mosque remains open for Itikaf, allowing individuals to engage in deep reflection and worship.

For the most accurate information on Taraweeh prayer times and other Ramadan activities, visiting the Al-Farooq Masjid website or contacting them directly is recommended.

Atlanta is one of largest cities not only in Georgia but in the US too. Here you can learn more about Atlanta GA.


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