We are here to help all the fast-observing Muslims of America keep track of the Ramadan timings and schedules throughout the holy month of blessings and prayers. Ramadan is fast approaching, all set to begin in the hot month of June, and we are here to update you on the entire schedule of fasting way beforehand so you can make all your plans, budgets and guests lists for the month ahead. After all, Ramadan is a time for abstaining, praying, and eating together with family to rejoice all the countless blessings bestowed upon us by Allah Almighty.

With our help, you can plan your Ramadan schedule way ahead in time, and rest assured that our Ramadan timings and schedule estimations are 100% accurate because we have taken into account the geographic locations of the cities and areas mentioned on our website. In addition to Ramadan Calendar USA, you can also find Ramadan Timetable for Canada with fasting schedule for all major Canadian cities.

You can check the exact timing and schedule based on the geographic and time zone of your location. Truly, this is the best way to overcome forgetfulness and lack of time at Sehri, along with avoiding all confusions regarding the most important spiritual nights of the holy month.

In order to avoid all inconveniences to the Muslims residing in America, we have taken into account the religious guidelines to estimate the Ramadan schedule observed by Fiqah Hanafi. All you have to do is log onto our website and access the schedule for the entire month based on your exact location and time zone. It’s really that simple!

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