How to Wish Someone a Happy Ramadan?

How to Wish Someone a Happy Ramadan

Ramadan brings bundles of blessings and inner happiness for billions of Muslims across the globe. Ramadan Kareem is observed for a whole lunar month. In 2022, the holy month is to start from April 2nd.


Throughout Ramadan, Muslims fast each day from dawn to dusk. As there are lots of rewards, forgiveness and freedom from the hellfire, it is truly a gladsome time for the Muslims. It is natural for Muslim men and women to greet each other sighting the Ramadan moon. In this article, we have brought about several ways to wish someone a Happy Ramadan.

Let’s skim through.


1. Saying a Wish, Quote or Message

Send a Ramadan greeting wish, a Ramadan Mubarak quote or a message. These days, you can say a wish through a text message to cell or via a Whatsapp message.

Usually, you can say “Ramadan Kareem”; it means “Have a blessed Ramadan” or “Ramadan Mubarak” which means “Happy Ramadan”.

Find a list of Ramadan Wishes and Quotes here.


2. Ecard

I remember the days when we jot greetings on paper post cards. Gone are those days. In this advanced era, Ecards are available for every occasion. So for Ramadan Kareem.

You can wish your closed ones with a Ramadan Mubarak Ecard. It’s that simple.

An Ecard can be sent via Facebook, Whatsapp, Email or any other messaging app. Ecards are also convenient to wish Ramadan with as you can send it to a person sitting miles away from you. That’s the blessing of internet.



3. Ramadan Greeting Videos

Nowadays, there are plenty of greeting videos for almost every event. From Eid ul Fitr to Eid al Adha as well as for Holy Ramadan, you will find beautiful videos on your desired topic. It is now a common tradition to wish the happiness of Ramadan Kareem with short video clips.


4. Visiting Neighbors or Relatives

Visiting Neighbor or Relatives to Wish Ramadan

It would be a lovely way to visit your neighbors or relatives a day before Ramadan. Preferably take some holy gifts like a set of Tasbeeh, Prayer Mat, a copy of Qur’an Majeed, and wish them the arrival of Ramadan Kareem. You can also choose some food items as gifts such as a pack of dates, juices or couple of grocery items that are used in iftar.


End Note

These are some of the ways to wish someone a Happy Ramadan Kareem. If you have opinions or suggestions on this topic, please add your comment.

A Happy Ramadan to everyone here.



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