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Islamic Centers and Mosques in Dallas, TX

Islamic Centers Dallas Texas

Hey there, folks! This is Khalid with an informative blog post for the Muslim community of Dallas.

I’m absolutely thrilled to take you on a whirlwind tour of the fantastic Islamic centers and mosques right here in Dallas, Tx. Hold onto your hats and hijabs because we’re about to dive headfirst into a vibrant world of faith, culture, and community that’s as big and bold as the Lone Star State itself.



Following I have gathered a list of top Islamic centers in Dallas TX and nearby. I have ensured to provide as much details as possible to give my best to the folks coming here.


1. East Plano Islamic Center (EPIC Masjid)

EPIC Masjid Plano Texas

Located in Plano, Texas, EPIC is a vital Islamic center that caters to a diverse Muslim community. It serves as a spiritual haven, offering guidance for religious matters and a wide array of activities to nurture faith and unity.

Address: 4700 14th St, Plano, TX 75074

Phone: 214-396-1943

Capacity: 3200

Year Established: 2003

Interior Area: 33000 square feet


Services offered: Matrimony, Nikah, New Muslim, funeral services and more.



2. Islamic Association of North Texas:

Islamic Association of North Texas

IANT is one of the biggest Mosques in Greater Dallas area. This multifunctional mosque is pivotal to community development, hosting a variety of seminars, workshops, and interfaith dialogues. It has become a significant spiritual and educational institution in the city.

Address:  840 Abrams Rd, Richardson, TX 75081

Phone: (972) 231-5698

Capacity: 2000+

Year Established: 1969

Domes: 2

Minarets: 1


Services offered: MUHSEN, Events, Social Services, Religious Counseling and more.



3. Valley Ranch Islamic Center (VRIC):

Valley Ranch Islamic Center

VRIC is not just architecturally impressive; it’s a vibrant center that hosts religious and cultural events. It serves as a focal point for the Dallas Muslim community, promoting inclusivity and mutual understanding.

Address: 351 Ranchview Dr, Irving, TX 75063

Phone: (214) 496-9000

Year Established: 2009


Services offered: Qur’an school, financial assistance, funeral, marriage, medical clinic, special needs and more.



4. Islamic Center of Irving (ICI):


This center is a haven for worship, education, and cultural celebration, fostering a strong sense of faith and unity. It offers an array of educational initiatives, enriching the spiritual growth of its members.

Address: 2555 Esters Rd. Irving, TX 75062

Phone: 972-812-2230

Year Established: 1991

Capacity: 3,000~


Services offered: Financial, social, food pantry and more.



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5. Islamic Association of Collin County (IACC):

Islamic Association of Collin County

IACC offers a serene environment for worship and provides comprehensive educational programs, including Quranic studies and courses on Islamic jurisprudence, contributing to a holistic Islamic experience.

Address: 6401 Independence Pkwy, Plano, TX 75023

Phone: (972) 491-5800

Year Established: 1991

Capacity: N/A


Services offered: Law and health clinic, Sakeena services, food bank, community assistance, library and more.



6. Masjid Al-Islam:

Masjid Al Islam

As one of oldest Islamic centers in Dallas, Tx, Masjid Al-Islam has deep roots in the community. It offers various religious services and organizes activities aimed at nurturing Islamic values, particularly among the youth.

Address: 2604 S Harwood St, Dallas, TX 75215

Phone: (214) 421-3839

Year Established: 1950s

Capacity: N/A


Services offered: Daily prayers, Jummah prayers, support for the incarcerated.



7. Dar El-Eman Islamic Center (DEIC):

DEIC Masjid

This mosque is closely knit with its community, emphasizing unity and the preservation of Islamic culture. It hosts events that celebrate Islamic heritage and traditions, fostering a strong sense of belonging.

Address: 5511 Mansfield Rd, Arlington, TX 76017

Phone: (817) 466-0505

Year Established: N/A

Capacity: N/A


Services offered: Youth programs, funerals



8. Noori Masjid:

This Islamic Mosque serves as a spiritual hub for the local Muslim community, offering a place for daily prayers, religious education, and community events. The mosque emphasizes the importance of patience and prayer, as reflected in their guiding verse from the Quran Majeed: “O Those with Iman, seek Help with Patience and Prayer. Allah is with the Patient.

Services and Activities:

Noori Masjid is dedicated to teaching children the Adab (proper etiquette) of the Quran and Sunnah. The mosque believes in instilling respect for elders and affection towards the young, fostering a community built on mutual respect and love.

Community Involvement:

The mosque actively engages in community outreach and hosts various events to bring the community together. They emphasize the importance of supporting one another and providing a nurturing environment for spiritual growth.

Address: 1251 Shiloh Rd Islamic Academy Plano, TX 75074 (directions)

Phone: (972) 423-5786

Year Established: N/A

Capacity: N/A


Business Hours: Mon-Son 5:45 AM – 10:30 PM



9. Islamic Association of Allen:

The center is committed to serving the local Muslim community by providing a space for worship, education, and community engagement. The association emphasizes active participation in community events and offers various services to cater to the needs of its members.

Prayer Times:

The monthly prayer schedule is available on their website for each month of the year.

Services and Activities:

  • Member Registration: Encouraging local members to sign up for membership to actively participate in community events.
  • Volunteer Registration: Opportunities to serve the masjid and become a responsible community member.
  • IAA Center (GYM): Exclusive to members of the Allen Masjid Community. Registration is required before booking.
  • Medical Clinic Visit: Free medical clinic visits for local members.
  • Financial Aid: Support for local community members in need.
  • Senior Parking Permit: Limited parking spots available for seniors for their comfort.
  • Marriage Ceremony Request: Services offered by the religious leader based on availability.
  • Ask Imam: Imams available to answer questions under the light of Islamic Shariah laws. (Membership Required)
  • Community Involvement: The Islamic Association of Allen is deeply involved in the local community, offering a range of services from financial aid to medical clinic visits. They foster a sense of belonging and support among their members, ensuring that everyone has access to the resources they need.


Address: 909 Allen Central Dr, Allen, TX 75013 (directions)

Contact: 972-908-3330, [email protected]

Year Established: N/A

Capacity: N/A


Business Hours: N/A



10. Muslim American Society (MAS) of Dallas:

With a vibrant vision of striving for a just and virtuous society, MAS Dallas offers a wide array of programs starting from Kindergarten, empowering Muslim youth to become God-conscious leaders, and actively involving adults as partners in their mission.

Services and Activities:

Children’s Programs: Focused on teaching the Adab (proper etiquette) of the Quran and Sunnah.
Youth Programs: Empowering Muslim youth through faith-based action.
Adult Engagement: Encouraging parental partnership in youth empowerment.
Worship Services: Daily prayers, Friday Jumu’ah, and Ramadan Taraweeh.
Community Events: Regular events for community engagement and spiritual growth.
Community Involvement: MAS Dallas is MUHSEN certified, demonstrating their commitment to supporting families with special needs. They actively engage in community outreach, hosting various events to bring the community together and foster a nurturing environment for spiritual growth.

Address: 1515 Blake Dr. Richardson, TX, 75081 (directions)

Contact: 972-633-9692, [email protected]




Wide Range of Activities During Ramadan and Other Months

Some of the most common services Mosques in Dallas, TX provide are:

Ramadan activities in Dallas:

Special Taraweeh Prayers: Mosques hold nightly Taraweeh prayers during Ramadan, where the Quran is recited over the course of the month.

Iftar Gatherings: As per the city’s Ramadan calendar, Mosques often organize community iftar meals, where fasting Muslims break their fast together at sunset.

Quranic Recitation and Tafsir: Many mosques host Quranic recitation sessions and Tafsir (interpretation) classes to help worshippers deepen their understanding of the Quran.

Charitable Activities: Mosques actively engage in charitable initiatives, collecting and distributing food, clothing, and financial aid to those in need.

Spiritual Lectures: Religious scholars or community leaders may deliver spiritual lectures and sermons to inspire and educate the congregation.

Community Events: Special events, such as lectures, cultural programs, and fundraisers, are organized to foster a sense of unity and community during Ramadan.


Non-Ramadan Periods:

Daily Prayers: Mosques continue to offer daily prayer services, including the five daily Salah (prayers), outside of Ramadan.

Educational Programs: Serve as centers for ongoing Islamic education, offering classes on Quranic studies, Hadith, and Islamic jurisprudence.

Community Outreach: Charitable activities, such as food drives, clothing donations, and assistance to the needy, persist throughout the year.

Youth and Children’s Activities: Engage youth and children with various programs, including Quranic schools, summer camps, and youth groups.

Interfaith and Community Dialogues: May host interfaith dialogues, open houses, and cultural exchange events to promote understanding among diverse communities.

Special Occasions: Celebrate special occasions, holidays and Islamic events in Dallas , such as Eid al-Fitr and Eid al-Adha, with prayers, communal feasts, and social gatherings.

Social Services: Many mosques provide social services like counseling, family support, and assistance to newcomers and refugees.

Maintenance and Renovation: Undertake maintenance and renovation projects to ensure the upkeep of their facilities.

While the activities in mosques vary during Ramadan and non-Ramadan periods, these places of worship continue to serve as hubs for religious, educational, and community-oriented activities throughout the year.



How many Muslims are in Dallas Texas? (DFW)

Let’s start with the big one. Dallas, Texas, is home to a thriving Muslim community, with thousands of members. As per Texas State Historical Association (TSHA), there are 30,000 Muslims in Dallas Fort Worth. It’s a place where diversity thrives, and people from all walks of life come together to worship and celebrate their faith.


How many mosques are there in Dallas Texas?

Mosques? Dallas has them aplenty! According to stats from SmartScrapers, there are 84 Mosques in Dallas, TX. From the sprawling to the intimate, you’ll find mosques scattered throughout the city. Each one has its unique personality, making it a fantastic journey of exploration.


How many Muslims are in Fort Worth Texas?

Fort Worth has its fair share of Muslims too! There are 4,000 Muslim population in Fort Worth, Texas. It’s not just Dallas; the entire metroplex buzzes with the spirit of Islam.


List of Mosques in Texas

There is a big number of Mosques in Texas, where the actual number will be really hard to tell. However, here is a list of some prominent mosques in Texas:

  • Islamic Association of North Texas (IANT) – Richardson, TX
  • East Plano Islamic Center (EPIC) – Plano, TX
  • Islamic Center of Irving (ICI) – Irving, TX
  • Valley Ranch Islamic Center (VRIC) – Irving, TX
  • Islamic Society of Greater Houston (ISGH) – Houston, TX
  • Islamic Center of San Antonio (ICSA) – San Antonio, TX
  • Masjid Al-Noor – Austin, TX
  • Islamic Center of Round Rock (ICRR) – Round Rock, TX
  • Islamic Center of Frisco (ICF) – Frisco, TX
  • Masjid Al-Islam – Dallas, TX
  • Islamic Association of Collin County (IACC) – Plano, TX
  • Islamic Society of Arlington (ISA) – Arlington, TX
  • Islamic Center of El Paso (ICOEP) – El Paso, TX
  • Islamic Center of Greater Austin (ICGA) – Austin, TX
  • Islamic Society of Greater Houston Champions Masjid – Houston, TX


Until next time, stay curious and keep exploring! 🕌✨

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