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February 26, 2024
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San Antonio, United States

For Muslims, it is crucial to know the correct Salat times in order to fulfill this obligation precisely. Here we provide accurate Islamic prayer times in San Antonio, that are updated everyday. We will also discuss some prominent Mosques in the city where you can join Namaz congregations as per your convenience.

Here is Ramadan fasting calendar for San Antonio for 2023.


Standard Prayer Times

Following are the standard time of the day for each Salat prayer of Islam:

Fajr: Dawn

Dhuhur: Noon

Asr: Afternoon

Maghrib: Sunset

Isha: Night


Top 5 Islamic Centers / Mosques in San Antonio

Here are 5 main Masjids in San Antonio. You can visit website of the closest Mosque to check out the current prayer times. Whereas, in order to find out generic Salah times in San Antonio, go to top.

  1. Northside Islamic Center of San Antonio (see website)
  2. MCECC & AlMadinah Masjid (see website)
  3. Rahmani Masjid and Learning Center (see website)
  4. AlFalah Downtown Center (Masjid) (see profile on Yelp)
  5. Masjid Beit-El-Maqdis (see profile)


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