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San Antonio Ramadan Schedule 2018
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November 23, 2023
6:56 am 7:58 am 1:20 pm 4:16 pm 6:42 pm 7:45 pm
San Antonio, United States

Ramadan is a holy month observed by Muslims around the world, including in San Antonio, Texas. During this month, Muslims fast from dawn to sunset and engage in acts of worship and charity.

Here is the latest Ramadan calendar for San Antonio with daily Sehar and Iftar times. If you are a Muslim practicing fasting this year, we hope this timetable will be helpful for you (available with PDF download).

Have a blessed Ramadan Kareem.

Sehar Iftar Timings (March/April 2023)


Ramadan #DateFajr/SuhoorIftar/Maghrib
122, Wed6:29 AM7:47 PM
223, Thu6:29 AM7:48 PM
324, Fri6:28 AM7:49 PM
425, Sat6:27 AM7:49 PM
526, Sun6:25 AM7:50 PM
627, Mon6:24 AM7:50 PM
728, Tue6:23 AM7:51 PM
829, Wed6:22 AM7:52 PM
930, Thu6:20 AM7:52 PM
1031, Fri6:19 AM7:53 PM
1101, Sat6:18 AM7:53 PM
1202, Sun6:17 AM7:54 PM
1303, Mon6:15 AM7:54 PM
1404, Tue6:14 AM7:55 PM
1505, Wed6:13 AM7:56 PM
1606, Thu6:12 AM7:56 PM
1707, Fri6:10 AM7:57 PM
1808, Sat6:09 AM7:57 PM
1909, Sun6:08 AM7:58 PM
2010, Mon6:06 AM7:59 PM
2111, Tue6:05 AM7:59 PM
2212, Wed6:04 AM8:00 PM
2313, Thu6:03 AM8:00 PM
2414, Fri6:02 AM8:01 PM
2515, Sat6:00 AM8:01 PM
2616, Sun5:59 AM8:02 PM
2717, Mon5:58 AM8:03 PM
2818, Tue5:57 AM8:03 PM
2919, Wed5:55 AM8:04 PM
3020, Thu5:54 AM8:05 PM

San Antonio Daily Prayer Times


Taravih Gatherings and Timings in San Antonio

Tarawih prayer is offered everyday after Salat-ul-Isha throughout the holy month. Muslim men can join tarawih congregation at certain mosques in San Antonio. For your help, we are naming a few preeminent ones:

  1. Islamic Center of San Antonio (view directions)
  2. MCECC and AlMadinah Masjid (view directions)
  3. Northside Islamic Center of San Antonio (view directions)

Broader view:


This Yelp link can also be helpful to find a Masjid around you.


Observing Ramadan in the City

San Antonio happens to a city with significant population of Muslim in the US. Ramadan Kareem in the city comes with Tarawih, public iftars and many other festivities. First Ramadan is falling on 22nd of March and ends on April 20th in 2023. If you are in San Antonio or planning a trip during this time, you would find Ramadan month therein, here is what you need to know!


Other Texas Cities:


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