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Los Angeles Ramadan Calendar 2023

Ramadan Fasting Schedule Los Angeles
Today Local Prayer Times in Los Angeles
November 28, 2023
6:24 am 7:31 am 12:40 pm 3:25 pm 5:50 pm 6:57 pm
Los Angeles, United States

If you are looking for exact Iftar and Sehar timings, please check out the Ramadan fasting calendar for Los Angeles 2023 below!

The holy month of Ramazan is almost here, and that means Muslims in The City of Angels will be observing fasting ritual according to the calendar below. This year, Ramadan will begin on March 23rd and continue till April 21st, 2023. During this time, Muslims around the world abstain from eating and drinking during daylight hours. This is a time for reflection, prayer, and charity.

Ramadan Fasting Schedule for Los Angeles, CA (March/April 2023)

Download Los Angeles Ramadan Calendar 2023 PDF
Calculation Method: ISNA (North America)

Ramadan #DateFajr/SuhoorIftar/Maghrib
123, Thu5:4319:08
224, Fri5:4219:09
325, Sat5:4019:10
426, Sun5:3919:11
527, Mon5:3719:11
628, Tue5:3619:12
729, Wed5:3419:13
830, Thu5:3319:14
931, Fri5:3219:14
1001, Sat5:3019:15
1102, Sun5:2919:16
1203, Mon5:2719:17
1304, Tue5:2619:18
1405, Wed5:2419:18
1506, Thu5:2319:19
1607, Fri5:2119:20
1708, Sat5:2019:21
1809, Sun5:1819:21
1910, Mon5:1719:22
2011, Tue5:1519:23
2112, Wed5:1419:24
2213, Thu5:1319:24
2314, Fri5:1119:25
2415, Sat5:1019:26
2516, Sun5:0819:27
2617, Mon5:0719:27
2718, Tue5:0519:28
2819, Wed5:0419:29
2920, Thu5:0319:30
3021, Fri5:0119:31


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