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Plano TX Ramadan Calendar 2024

Ramadan Plano

Plano Sehar and Iftar Timetable Plano (Ramadan 2024)

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Calculation Method: ISNA (North America)

DateRamadan DateDaySeharIftar
11-Mar1Monday6:34 AM7:33 PM
12-Mar2Tuesday6:33 AM7:34 PM
13-Mar3Wednesday6:31 AM7:35 PM
14-Mar4Thursday6:30 AM7:35 PM
15-Mar5Friday6:29 AM7:36 PM
16-Mar6Saturday6:27 AM7:37 PM
17-Mar7Sunday6:26 AM7:38 PM
18-Mar8Monday6:25 AM7:38 PM
19-Mar9Tuesday6:23 AM7:39 PM
20-Mar10Wednesday6:22 AM7:40 PM
21-Mar11Thursday6:20 AM7:41 PM
22-Mar12Friday6:19 AM7:41 PM
23-Mar13Saturday6:18 AM7:42 PM
24-Mar14Sunday6:16 AM7:43 PM
25-Mar15Monday6:15 AM7:43 PM
26-Mar16Tuesday6:13 AM7:44 PM
27-Mar17Wednesday6:12 AM7:45 PM
28-Mar18Thursday6:11 AM7:46 PM
29-Mar19Friday6:09 AM7:46 PM
30-Mar20Saturday6:08 AM7:47 PM
31-Mar21Sunday6:06 AM7:48 PM
1-Apr22Monday6:05 AM7:48 PM
2-Apr23Tuesday6:04 AM7:49 PM
3-Apr24Wednesday6:02 AM7:50 PM
4-Apr25Thursday6:01 AM7:51 PM
5-Apr26Friday5:59 AM7:51 PM
6-Apr27Saturday5:58 AM7:52 PM
7-Apr28Sunday5:56 AM7:53 PM
8-Apr29Monday5:55 AM7:54 PM
9-Apr30Tuesday5:54 AM7:54 PM



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