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Minneapolis Ramadan Fasting Timetable (2024)

Ramadan Minneapolis

Ramadan 2024 fasting calendar for Minneapolis, MN aligned with daily sunrise and sunset times (PDF download available.)

Sehar and Iftar Calendar

  • First Day of Ramadan (Expected): March 11, 2024
  • Sehar Time: Around 05:54 AM
  • Iftar Time: Around 07:16 PM

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Calculation Method: Islamic Society of North America (ISNA)

DateRamadan DateDaySeharIftar
11-Mar1Monday5:54 AM7:16 PM
12-Mar2Tuesday5:52 AM7:17 PM
13-Mar3Wednesday5:50 AM7:18 PM
14-Mar4Thursday5:48 AM7:20 PM
15-Mar5Friday5:46 AM7:21 PM
16-Mar6Saturday5:44 AM7:22 PM
17-Mar7Sunday5:42 AM7:23 PM
18-Mar8Monday5:40 AM7:25 PM
19-Mar9Tuesday5:38 AM7:26 PM
20-Mar10Wednesday5:36 AM7:27 PM
21-Mar11Thursday5:34 AM7:29 PM
22-Mar12Friday5:32 AM7:30 PM
23-Mar13Saturday5:30 AM7:31 PM
24-Mar14Sunday5:27 AM7:32 PM
25-Mar15Monday5:25 AM7:34 PM
26-Mar16Tuesday5:23 AM7:35 PM
27-Mar17Wednesday5:21 AM7:36 PM
28-Mar18Thursday5:19 AM7:38 PM
29-Mar19Friday5:17 AM7:39 PM
30-Mar20Saturday5:15 AM7:40 PM
31-Mar21Sunday5:12 AM7:41 PM
1-Apr22Monday5:10 AM7:43 PM
2-Apr23Tuesday5:08 AM7:44 PM
3-Apr24Wednesday5:06 AM7:45 PM
4-Apr25Thursday5:04 AM7:46 PM
5-Apr26Friday5:01 AM7:48 PM
6-Apr27Saturday4:59 AM7:49 PM
7-Apr28Sunday4:57 AM7:50 PM
8-Apr29Monday4:55 AM7:51 PM
9-Apr30Tuesday4:53 AM7:53 PM


Taravih Mosques in Minneapolis

Minneapolis, home to a vibrant and diverse Muslim community, offers several mosques where Taravih prayers are held during Ramadan. Here are some of the mosques in Minneapolis known for hosting Taravih prayers:

  1. Islamic Community of Bosniaks: Located at 668 Broadway Street NE, Minneapolis, MN, 55413, this mosque serves the Bosniak community and others in Minneapolis, offering a space for prayer and reflection.
  2. Masjid Alhuda – Islamic Cultural Community Center: Situated at 2534 Central Avenue NE, Minneapolis, MN, 55418, Masjid Alhuda provides a welcoming environment for Taravih prayers and other Islamic activities.
  3. Umatul Islamic Center: Found at 3015 Second Avenue South, Minneapolis, MN 55408, this center is another key location for the Muslim community to gather for Taravih prayers.
  4. Islamic Community Center of Minnesota: Located at 1429 2nd Street NE, Minneapolis, MN, 55413, this center is dedicated to serving the spiritual needs of Muslims in Minneapolis.
  5. Masjid Dar Al-Hijra: At 504 Cedar Avenue South Minneapolis, MN 55454, Masjid Dar Al-Hijra is known for its active community involvement and Taravih prayers during Ramadan.
  6. Abubakar As-Sadique: This mosque, located at 2824 13th Ave S, Minneapolis, MN 55407, is another significant place for Muslims in Minneapolis seeking to perform Taravih prayers.
  7. Masjid Dar Omar Al-Farooq: Found at 983 17th Ave SE, Minneapolis, MN 55414, it offers a space for Taravih and other prayers, fostering a sense of community among its attendees.
  8. Masjid An-Nur: Located at 1729 N Lyndale Ave, Minneapolis, MN 55411, Masjid An-Nur is a cornerstone of the Muslim community in Minneapolis, providing spiritual guidance and a place for Taravih prayers.
  9. Masjid At-taqwa: Situated in St. Paul at 1608 Como Avenue, this mosque extends its services to the Muslim community in the Minneapolis-St. Paul area, including Taravih prayers.
  10. Masjid Ar-Rahman: Located in Bloomington at 8910 Old Cedar Avenue, it serves the Muslim community in the southern part of the Minneapolis metropolitan area, offering Taravih and other Islamic services.

For the most accurate and up-to-date information on Taravih prayer times and other Ramadan activities, it’s recommended to contact these mosques directly or visit their official websites.

Minneapolis is a prominent city of Minnesota. It is a twin city situated with St. Paul, the capital of Minnesota state of the US. City is full of natural parks and lakes which make it a good tourist attraction. Major landmarks include The Walker Art Center, and Minneapolis Sculpture Garden. Dialing code is 612. ZIP codes start from 55401 till 55455.


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    Happy Ramadan to everyone!

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