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Quebec City Ramadan Calendar 2023

Quebec City Ramadan Fasting Schedule

Here is the latest Ramadan fasting calendar 2023 for Quebec, QC Canada with daily Iftar and Sehri timings. Please find today’s info below:

Iftar Sehar Timings Quebec (March/April 2023)

Download Quebec Ramadan Calendar 2023 PDF
Calculation Method: Islamic Society of North America (ISNA)

Ramadan #DateFajr/SuhoorIftar/Maghrib
123, Thu5:19 AM7:01 PM
224, Fri5:17 AM7:02 PM
325, Sat5:15 AM7:03 PM
426, Sun5:13 AM7:05 PM
527, Mon5:11 AM7:06 PM
628, Tue5:09 AM7:08 PM
729, Wed5:06 AM7:09 PM
830, Thu5:04 AM7:10 PM
931, Fri5:02 AM7:12 PM
1001, Sat5:00 AM7:13 PM
1102, Sun4:58 AM7:14 PM
1203, Mon4:55 AM7:16 PM
1304, Tue4:53 AM7:17 PM
1405, Wed4:51 AM7:19 PM
1506, Thu4:49 AM7:20 PM
1607, Fri4:46 AM7:21 PM
1708, Sat4:44 AM7:23 PM
1809, Sun4:42 AM7:24 PM
1910, Mon4:40 AM7:25 PM
2011, Tue4:37 AM7:27 PM
2112, Wed4:35 AM7:28 PM
2213, Thu4:33 AM7:29 PM
2314, Fri4:31 AM7:31 PM
2415, Sat4:28 AM7:32 PM
2516, Sun4:26 AM7:34 PM
2617, Mon4:24 AM7:35 PM
2718, Tue4:21 AM7:36 PM
2819, Wed4:19 AM7:38 PM
2920, Thu4:17 AM7:39 PM
3021, Fri4:17 AM7:39 PM


Taravih Mosques in Quebec City

Following you can find Masjids and Islamic centers in Quebec City for offering Taraweeh prayers in congregation:

About the City:

Quebec, also known as Ville de Quebec (as in French) is a beautiful city in Canada. It is the capital of Quebec province. The Quebec city has a population of 531,902 individuals as updated on July 2016. It is the 7th largest populated city of Canada. Quebec city also stands as second largest city in the Quebec province after the Montreal city.


According to the 2001 census , there is a big population of Roman Catholic, however there are also Muslims, Protestant and Jews. provides the exact fasting times for Holy Ramadan for Quebec (QC), CA for Muslim community every year.


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