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Winnipeg Ramadan Calendar 2023

Ramadan Fasting Timetable Winnipeg

Assalam Wa Alaikum, here is the Ramadan fasting calendar for Winnipeg, MB, Canada with daily Iftar and Sehar timings for the whole month. We hope you receive all the blessings and forgiveness from ALLAH SWT in this holy Ramazan.

Sehar Iftar Fasting Schedule Winnipeg (March/April 2023)

Download Winnipeg Ramadan Calendar 2023 PDF
Calculation Method: Islamic Society of North America (ISNA)

Ramadan #DateFajr/SuhoorIftar/Maghrib
123, Thu5:54 AM7:47 PM
224, Fri5:52 AM7:48 PM
325, Sat5:49 AM7:50 PM
426, Sun5:47 AM7:52 PM
527, Mon5:45 AM7:53 PM
628, Tue5:42 AM7:55 PM
729, Wed5:40 AM7:56 PM
830, Thu5:37 AM7:58 PM
931, Fri5:35 AM7:59 PM
1001, Sat5:32 AM8:01 PM
1102, Sun5:30 AM8:02 PM
1203, Mon5:27 AM8:04 PM
1304, Tue5:25 AM8:06 PM
1405, Wed5:22 AM8:07 PM
1506, Thu5:20 AM8:09 PM
1607, Fri5:17 AM8:10 PM
1708, Sat5:15 AM8:12 PM
1809, Sun5:12 AM8:13 PM
1910, Mon5:09 AM8:15 PM
2011, Tue5:07 AM8:17 PM
2112, Wed5:04 AM8:18 PM
2213, Thu5:02 AM8:20 PM
2314, Fri4:59 AM8:21 PM
2415, Sat4:57 AM8:23 PM
2516, Sun4:54 AM8:24 PM
2617, Mon4:51 AM8:26 PM
2718, Tue4:49 AM8:27 PM
2819, Wed4:46 AM8:29 PM
2920, Thu4:44 AM8:31 PM
3021, Fri4:44 AM8:31 PM


Taravih Gatherings and Timings in Winnipeg, Manitoba

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About the city

Winnipeg is the capital city of Manitoba province of Canada. City is also known as “Gateway to the West”. The main attraction of the city is The Forks, famous historic place for festivals and various events. City has many art galleries as well as architecture that belongs to the 20th century. Area code is 204.


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