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New York Ramadan Fasting Calendar (2024)

Ramadan New York
Today Local Prayer Times in New York
July 19, 2024
4:08 am 5:37 am 1:02 pm 5:00 pm 8:27 pm 9:56 pm
New York, USA

NYC Sehar and Iftar Timetable (March/April, 2024)


DateRamadan DateDaySeharIftar
11-Mar1Monday5:59 AM6:58 PM
12-Mar2Tuesday5:57 AM6:59 PM
13-Mar3Wednesday5:56 AM7:00 PM
14-Mar4Thursday5:54 AM7:01 PM
15-Mar5Friday5:52 AM7:03 PM
16-Mar6Saturday5:51 AM7:04 PM
17-Mar7Sunday5:49 AM7:05 PM
18-Mar8Monday5:47 AM7:06 PM
19-Mar9Tuesday5:45 AM7:07 PM
20-Mar10Wednesday5:44 AM7:08 PM
21-Mar11Thursday5:42 AM7:09 PM
22-Mar12Friday5:40 AM7:10 PM
23-Mar13Saturday5:38 AM7:11 PM
24-Mar14Sunday5:37 AM7:12 PM
25-Mar15Monday5:35 AM7:13 PM
26-Mar16Tuesday5:33 AM7:14 PM
27-Mar17Wednesday5:31 AM7:15 PM
28-Mar18Thursday5:29 AM7:16 PM
29-Mar19Friday5:28 AM7:17 PM
30-Mar20Saturday5:26 AM7:19 PM
31-Mar21Sunday5:24 AM7:20 PM
1-Apr22Monday5:22 AM7:21 PM
2-Apr23Tuesday5:20 AM7:22 PM
3-Apr24Wednesday5:19 AM7:23 PM
4-Apr25Thursday5:17 AM7:24 PM
5-Apr26Friday5:15 AM7:25 PM
6-Apr27Saturday5:13 AM7:26 PM
7-Apr28Sunday5:11 AM7:27 PM
8-Apr29Monday5:09 AM7:28 PM
9-Apr30Tuesday5:08 AM7:29 PM


Ramadan in New York, NY

Observing Ramadan in New York City offers unique challenges and rewards. Muslim New Yorkers wake before dawn for suhoor and gather at sunset for iftar.

Despite the city’s fast pace, mosques and community centers host events, lectures, and prayers. Many engage in charitable acts, showcasing the spirit of Ramadan.

New Yorker Muslims unite to create a warm and inclusive atmosphere, embodying the essence of Ramadan Kareem.


Taraweeh Places

Find some of the notable Mosques and Islamic centers where you can join Taravih congregations in New York:





Other Cities:


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