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Arlington TX Ramadan Fasting Timetable (2024)

Ramadan Details Arlington

Welcome to the Ramadan 2024 Fasting Calendar for Arlington, your guide to observing this sacred month with precise sunrise and sunset times for daily fasting. Embrace a period of reflection, devotion, and community as we journey through these blessed days together. (available with PDF download).


DateRamadan DateDaySeharIftar
11-Mar1Monday6:21 AM7:34 PM
12-Mar2Tuesday6:20 AM7:35 PM
13-Mar3Wednesday6:18 AM7:36 PM
14-Mar4Thursday6:17 AM7:37 PM
15-Mar5Friday6:16 AM7:37 PM
16-Mar6Saturday6:14 AM7:38 PM
17-Mar7Sunday6:13 AM7:39 PM
18-Mar8Monday6:11 AM7:40 PM
19-Mar9Tuesday6:10 AM7:40 PM
20-Mar10Wednesday6:09 AM7:41 PM
21-Mar11Thursday6:07 AM7:42 PM
22-Mar12Friday6:06 AM7:42 PM
23-Mar13Saturday6:04 AM7:43 PM
24-Mar14Sunday6:03 AM7:44 PM
25-Mar15Monday6:02 AM7:45 PM
26-Mar16Tuesday6:00 AM7:45 PM
27-Mar17Wednesday5:59 AM7:46 PM
28-Mar18Thursday5:57 AM7:47 PM
29-Mar19Friday5:56 AM7:47 PM
30-Mar20Saturday5:54 AM7:48 PM
31-Mar21Sunday5:53 AM7:49 PM
1-Apr22Monday5:52 AM7:49 PM
2-Apr23Tuesday5:50 AM7:50 PM
3-Apr24Wednesday5:49 AM7:51 PM
4-Apr25Thursday5:47 AM7:52 PM
5-Apr26Friday5:46 AM7:52 PM
6-Apr27Saturday5:44 AM7:53 PM
7-Apr28Sunday5:43 AM7:54 PM
8-Apr29Monday5:41 AM7:54 PM
9-Apr30Tuesday5:40 AM7:55 PM


Taraweeh Events for Arlington Muslims

Several mosques offer Tarawih prayers during Ramadan, providing the Muslim community with spaces for worship and reflection. Notable among them are:

  • Dar Elsalam Islamic Center: Located at 500 W Road to Six Flags St, Arlington, TX 76011, USA, this center serves the religious needs of Muslims in Arlington, including the provision of Taraweeh prayers.
  • Dar El-Eman Islamic Center: Known for its comprehensive services that cater to the Muslim community’s needs, including five daily prayers, Friday Jumu’ah prayers, and Taraweeh prayers during Ramadan.
  • Islamic Society of Arlington, Texas (ISAT): Established in 1983, ISAT has been a cornerstone of the Muslim community in Arlington, offering a range of religious services, including Taraweeh prayers.



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