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Austin Ramadan Fasting Calendar (2024)

Ramadan in Austin Texas
Today Local Sehar and Iftar Times in Austin
May 19, 2024
5:19 am 6:28 am 1:27 pm 5:04 pm 8:26 pm 9:35 pm
Austin, USA

Sehar and Iftar Timetable (March/April 2024)

  • First Day of Ramadan (Expected): March 11, 2024
  • Sehar Time: Around 06:25 AM
  • Iftar Time: Around 08:58 PM


DateRamadan DateDaySeharIftar
11-Mar1 Mon6:25 AM8:58 PM
12-Mar2 Tue6:24 AM8:58 PM
13-Mar3 Wed6:23 AM8:59 PM
14-Mar4 Thu6:22 AM9:00 PM
15-Mar5 Fri6:21 AM9:00 PM
16-Mar6 Sat6:19 AM9:01 PM
17-Mar7 Sun6:18 AM9:02 PM
18-Mar8 Mon6:17 AM9:02 PM
19-Mar9 Tue6:15 AM9:03 PM
20-Mar10 Wed6:14 AM9:04 PM
21-Mar11 Thu6:13 AM9:05 PM
22-Mar12 Fri6:12 AM9:05 PM
23-Mar13 Sat6:10 AM9:06 PM
24-Mar14 Sun6:09 AM9:07 PM
25-Mar15 Mon6:08 AM9:07 PM
26-Mar16 Tue6:06 AM9:08 PM
27-Mar17 Wed6:05 AM9:09 PM
28-Mar18 Thu6:04 AM9:10 PM
29-Mar19 Fri6:02 AM9:10 PM
30-Mar20 Sat6:01 AM9:11 PM
31-Mar21 Sun6:00 AM9:12 PM
1-Apr22 Mon5:58 AM9:12 PM
2-Apr23 Tue5:57 AM9:13 PM
3-Apr24 Wed5:56 AM9:14 PM
4-Apr25 Thu5:54 AM9:15 PM
5-Apr26 Fri5:53 AM9:15 PM
6-Apr27 Sat5:52 AM9:16 PM
7-Apr28 Sun5:50 AM9:17 PM
8-Apr29 Mon5:49 AM9:18 PM
9-Apr30 Tue5:48 AM9:19 PM

Daily Prayer Times Austin


Prominent Taraweeh Spots in Austin


  1. North Austin Muslim Community Center (NAMCC): This center is not just a place of worship but a hub for community engagement. During Ramadan, NAMCC hosts Taraweeh prayers, drawing large numbers of worshippers for the nightly recitation of the Quran.

  2. Islamic Center of Greater Austin (ICGA): Known for its vibrant community programs, ICGA offers Taraweeh prayers that are attended by a diverse group of Muslims. The center also organizes lectures and iftars, enriching the Ramadan experience.

  3. Masjid Khadijah: Situated in the heart of Austin, Masjid Khadijah is renowned for its serene atmosphere. The mosque becomes particularly lively during Ramadan, with Taraweeh prayers that resonate with heartfelt recitations.

  4. Austin Peace Academy Mosque: Attached to a well-known Islamic school, this mosque offers a unique blend of educational and spiritual activities. Its Taraweeh prayers are well-attended, offering a peaceful and reflective environment.



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