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Houston Ramadan Calendar 2023

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Today Fasting Times in Houston
November 21, 2023
6:42 am 7:47 am 1:07 pm 4:03 pm 6:27 pm 7:32 pm
Houston, USA

Greetings to all the Muslims who are fasting!

We are pleased to provide you with a comprehensive Ramadan 2023 fasting calendar specifically tailored for Houston, TX. The timings provided for daily Iftar and Sehar will be extremely beneficial for you during the month.

During Ramadan, our goal is to make things easier for you, by providing you with this calendar that will help you plan your fast and salah efficiently and effectively.

Ramazan Fasting Schedule for Houston, TX (March/April 2023)


Ramadan #DateFajr/SuhoorIftar/Maghrib
122, Wed6:17 AM7:36 PM
223, Thu6:17 AM7:36 PM
324, Fri6:15 AM7:36 PM
425, Sat6:14 AM7:37 PM
526, Sun6:13 AM7:37 PM
627, Mon6:11 AM7:38 PM
728, Tue6:10 AM7:39 PM
829, Wed6:09 AM7:39 PM
930, Thu6:08 AM7:40 PM
1031, Fri6:06 AM7:40 PM
1101, Sat6:05 AM7:41 PM
1202, Sun6:04 AM7:42 PM
1303, Mon6:02 AM7:42 PM
1404, Tue6:01 AM7:43 PM
1505, Wed6:00 AM7:43 PM
1606, Thu5:59 AM7:44 PM
1707, Fri5:57 AM7:45 PM
1808, Sat5:56 AM7:45 PM
1909, Sun5:55 AM7:46 PM
2010, Mon5:54 AM7:46 PM
2111, Tue5:52 AM7:47 PM
2212, Wed5:51 AM7:48 PM
2313, Thu5:50 AM7:48 PM
2414, Fri5:48 AM7:49 PM
2515, Sat5:47 AM7:49 PM
2616, Sun5:46 AM7:50 PM
2717, Mon5:45 AM7:51 PM
2818, Tue5:44 AM7:51 PM
2919, Wed5:42 AM7:52 PM
3020, Thu5:41 AM7:53 PM

Houston Daily Prayer Times



Mosques in Houston, Tx

You can join Taravih, Iftar and other related events at Islamic centers in Houston. Some of the prominent centers are Islamic Society of Greater Houston (ISGH), ElFarouq Foundation, and Islamic Education Center in Houston (IEC).



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