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Houston TX Ramadan Fasting Timetable (2024)

Ramadan Details Houston
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May 19, 2024
5:11 am 6:21 am 1:18 pm 4:54 pm 8:14 pm 9:24 pm
Houston, USA

Tailored to Houston’s unique sunrise and sunset, this Ramadan calendar offers a daily guide for Suhoor and Iftar, connecting the local Muslim community through shared moments of spirituality and devotion.

Sehar and Iftar Calendar

  • First Day of Ramadan (Expected): March 11, 2024
  • Sehar Time: Around 06:30 AM
  • Iftar Time: Around 07:29 PM


DateRamadan DateDaySeharIftar
11-Mar1 Mon6:30 AM7:29 PM
12-Mar2 Tue6:29 AM7:29 PM
13-Mar3 Wed6:28 AM7:30 PM
14-Mar4 Thu6:27 AM7:31 PM
15-Mar5 Fri6:25 AM7:31 PM
16-Mar6 Sat6:24 AM7:32 PM
17-Mar7 Sun6:23 AM7:33 PM
18-Mar8 Mon6:22 AM7:33 PM
19-Mar9 Tue6:21 AM7:34 PM
20-Mar10 Wed6:19 AM7:34 PM
21-Mar11 Thu6:18 AM7:35 PM
22-Mar12 Fri6:17 AM7:36 PM
23-Mar13 Sat6:16 AM7:36 PM
24-Mar14 Sun6:14 AM7:37 PM
25-Mar15 Mon6:13 AM7:37 PM
26-Mar16 Tue6:12 AM7:38 PM
27-Mar17 Wed6:10 AM7:39 PM
28-Mar18 Thu6:09 AM7:39 PM
29-Mar19 Fri6:08 AM7:40 PM
30-Mar20 Sat6:07 AM7:40 PM
31-Mar21 Sun6:05 AM7:41 PM
1-Apr22 Mon6:04 AM7:42 PM
2-Apr23 Tue6:03 AM7:42 PM
3-Apr24 Wed6:01 AM7:43 PM
4-Apr25 Thu6:00 AM7:43 PM
5-Apr26 Fri5:59 AM7:44 PM
6-Apr27 Sat5:58 AM7:45 PM
7-Apr28 Sun5:56 AM7:45 PM
8-Apr29 Mon5:55 AM7:46 PM
9-Apr30 Tue5:54 AM7:46 PM

Houston Daily Prayer Times



Taraweeh Mosques in Houston

You can join Taravih, Iftar and other related events at Islamic centers in Houston. Some of the prominent centers are Islamic Society of Greater Houston (ISGH), ElFarouq Foundation, and Islamic Education Center in Houston (IEC).

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