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Boerne TX Ramadan Fasting Timetable (2024)

Boerne TX

Boerne Ramadan 2024 calendar in alignment with the sunrise and sunset timings of the city. (PDF download available.)

Sehar and Iftar Calendar

  • First Day of Ramadan (Expected): March 11, 2024
  • Sehar Time: Around 06:29 AM
  • Iftar Time: Around 07:42 PM


DateRamadan DateDaySeharIftar
11-Mar1Monday6:29 AM7:42 PM
12-Mar2Tuesday6:28 AM7:42 PM
13-Mar3Wednesday6:27 AM7:43 PM
14-Mar4Thursday6:26 AM7:44 PM
15-Mar5Friday6:24 AM7:44 PM
16-Mar6Saturday6:23 AM7:45 PM
17-Mar7Sunday6:22 AM7:45 PM
18-Mar8Monday6:21 AM7:46 PM
19-Mar9Tuesday6:19 AM7:47 PM
20-Mar10Wednesday6:18 AM7:47 PM
21-Mar11Thursday6:17 AM7:48 PM
22-Mar12Friday6:15 AM7:48 PM
23-Mar13Saturday6:14 AM7:49 PM
24-Mar14Sunday6:13 AM7:50 PM
25-Mar15Monday6:12 AM7:50 PM
26-Mar16Tuesday6:10 AM7:51 PM
27-Mar17Wednesday6:09 AM7:51 PM
28-Mar18Thursday6:08 AM7:52 PM
29-Mar19Friday6:06 AM7:53 PM
30-Mar20Saturday6:05 AM7:53 PM
31-Mar21Sunday6:04 AM7:54 PM
1-Apr22Monday6:02 AM7:54 PM
2-Apr23Tuesday6:01 AM7:55 PM
3-Apr24Wednesday6:00 AM7:56 PM
4-Apr25Thursday5:58 AM7:56 PM
5-Apr26Friday5:57 AM7:57 PM
6-Apr27Saturday5:56 AM7:57 PM
7-Apr28Sunday5:54 AM7:58 PM
8-Apr29Monday5:53 AM7:59 PM
9-Apr30Tuesday5:52 AM7:59 PM


Taraweeh Places in Boerne

For those in Boerne, TX, looking to participate in Taravih prayers, the nearest facilities are located within the San Antonio area, about 17 to 20 miles away.

Here are two places where the Muslim community can gather for Taraweeh during Ramadan:

  1. Muslim Children Education And Civic Center (MCECC): Located at 5281 Casa Bella, San Antonio, TX 78249, USA, approximately 17.65 miles from Boerne. MCECC is known for its educational programs and community services, including Taraweeh prayers.

  2. Islamic Education Center Of San Antonio: Situated at 6819 Whitby Rd, San Antonio, TX 78240, United States, about 19.86 miles from Boerne. This center offers a range of religious and educational services to the Muslim community, including the nightly Taraweeh prayers.

While Boerne itself may not have specific locations for Taraweeh prayers, these nearby centers in San Antonio welcome individuals and families from Boerne to join in the Ramadan observances.



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