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Stockton CA Ramadan Calendar 2023

Stockton Ramadan Fasting Schedule

Assalam WaAlikam, If you live in Stockton CA, here is the up-to-date Ramadan fasting calendar for you for the year 2023. We have added Iftar and Sehar timings for whole month for your ease. Hope it will help you.

Let’s find today’s info.

Sehar Iftar Timings Stockton (March/April 2023)

Download Stockton Ramadan Calendar 2023 PDF
Calculation Method: Islamic Society of North America (ISNA)

Ramadan #DateFajr/SuhoorIftar/Maghrib
123, Thu5:5119:20
224, Fri5:4919:21
325, Sat5:4819:22
426, Sun5:4619:23
527, Mon5:4419:24
628, Tue5:4319:25
729, Wed5:4119:26
830, Thu5:3919:27
931, Fri5:3819:27
1001, Sat5:3619:28
1102, Sun5:3419:29
1203, Mon5:3319:30
1304, Tue5:3119:31
1405, Wed5:3019:32
1506, Thu5:2819:33
1607, Fri5:2619:34
1708, Sat5:2519:35
1809, Sun5:2319:36
1910, Mon5:2119:37
2011, Tue5:2019:38
2112, Wed5:1819:39
2213, Thu5:1619:39
2314, Fri5:1519:40
2415, Sat5:1319:41
2516, Sun5:1119:42
2617, Mon5:1019:43
2718, Tue5:0819:44
2819, Wed5:0719:45
2920, Thu5:0519:46
3021, Fri5:0319:47


Taravih Gatherings and Timings in Stockton

Following you can find a number of Mosques and Islamic centers for joining Tarawih gatherings in Stockton, CA.



Stockton is situated in California’s Central Valley. Hope you have a wonderful Ramadan therein. Find more about the city here


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