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Dallas Ramadan Calendar 2024

Ramadan in Dallas Tx
Today Local Prayer Times in Dallas
February 26, 2024
5:51 am 6:53 am 12:40 pm 3:53 pm 6:27 pm 7:28 pm
Dallas, USA

Sehar and Iftar Timetable for Dallas, Tx


DateRamadan DateDaySeharIftar
10-Mar1Sunday6:35 AM7:32 PM
11-Mar2Monday6:34 AM7:33 PM
12-Mar3Tuesday6:33 AM7:34 PM
13-Mar4Wednesday6:31 AM7:35 PM
14-Mar5Thursday6:30 AM7:35 PM
15-Mar6Friday6:29 AM7:36 PM
16-Mar7Saturday6:27 AM7:37 PM
17-Mar8Sunday6:26 AM7:38 PM
18-Mar9Monday6:25 AM7:38 PM
19-Mar10Tuesday6:23 AM7:39 PM
20-Mar11Wednesday6:22 AM7:40 PM
21-Mar12Thursday6:21 AM7:40 PM
22-Mar13Friday6:19 AM7:41 PM
23-Mar14Saturday6:18 AM7:42 PM
24-Mar15Sunday6:16 AM7:43 PM
25-Mar16Monday6:15 AM7:43 PM
26-Mar17Tuesday6:14 AM7:44 PM
27-Mar18Wednesday6:12 AM7:45 PM
28-Mar19Thursday6:11 AM7:46 PM
29-Mar20Friday6:09 AM7:46 PM
30-Mar21Saturday6:08 AM7:47 PM
31-Mar22Sunday6:06 AM7:48 PM
1-Apr23Monday6:05 AM7:48 PM
2-Apr24Tuesday6:04 AM7:49 PM
3-Apr25Wednesday6:02 AM7:50 PM
4-Apr26Thursday6:01 AM7:51 PM
5-Apr27Friday5:59 AM7:51 PM
6-Apr28Saturday5:58 AM7:52 PM
7-Apr29Sunday5:57 AM7:53 PM
8-Apr30Monday5:55 AM7:53 PM

Dallas Daily Prayer Times


Ramadan in Dallas is a time for spiritual growth, community, and reflection. With prominent Islamic Centers like the Islamic Center of Dallas and Masjid al Islam, the city offers vibrant opportunities for prayers, communal Iftar, and Suhoor. Let’s embrace the spirit of Ramadan together in the heart of Texas!



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