20 Iftar Drinks Recipes to Beat Summer this Ramadan

Ramadan is a month of blessing and patience. Your hunger and thirst are tested throughout the day till the Maghrib prayers announce the breaking of the fast. Thirst, in particular, can be very difficult to handle, especially in these hot humid months. At these times, the welcoming cold drinks at iftar, truly relieve the stress of the day. However, it can be repetitive and tiring to drink the same juice over and over again.

Plus, fasting drains your body of energy and some vital vitamins and nutrients. Many people are prone to get stomach upsets also, due to the disproportionate intake of fiber. Hence, it’s always a good idea to include fiber containing items in your iftar or suhoor. What better way to do so than drinking an entire tumbler full of nutritious goodies? Ramadan drinks recipes can serve as an efficient source of tasty nutrients at iftar. You need to consider replacing those conventional water based drinks for a healthy juice or smoothie. It’s all for the betterment of your family.

Try a Refreshing, Energizing Ramadan Drink Today

Many people limit their intake of nutritious foods during iftar, because of consuming too much water. The thirst during the fast drives people to drink too much water or water based drinks. not to mention that it kills their hunger and leaves them with little appetite for the important nutrients. Therefore, many people start losing weight and go weak in an extremely unhealthy manner. They go lazy and simply fail to do the normal chores of the day. Not only this, the body’s resistance to harmful organisms declines also. This makes people succumb to many diseases.

All of this influences your ability to fast and can make it extremely hard to spend the day without food. Henceforth, keeping optimum nutrient intake is vital for an easy fast throughout Ramadan. A good way to ensure intake of these nutrients is through introducing healthy, energizing drinks at iftar instead of water. These will help quench the thirst as well as deliver the vital nutrients to the body. So, here are some of the best, easy-to-make iftar drink recipes. You can use them to grace your iftar menu for a nutritious and healthy Ramadan.

Traditional Arab drinks

Arabic drinks have always been a popular means of quenching your thirst and are some of the best drinks for iftar. They may take some time to make, but the amazing taste and lasting freshness makes them worth it. Here are some Arabic iftar drinks recipes to add flavor to your Ramadan.

1. Amar Al-Din from the Arabs

This yummy apricot mix is both tasty and healthy. Try out this nutritious, thirst quenching blend of tasty apricots that will leave you completely satisfied. The drink is easy to make, so you can whip it up even on those hard, fasting days. Try it out for yourself. (

2. Balah bel Laban from the Middle Eastern cuisine

This is one of the classics and will surely help drain the heat of the day in a sip. The refreshing drink is created with dates, melted in creamy milk. This makes for a frothy, luxurious drink that you can eat and drink. Treat yourself to this healthy Sunday, which is great for your health and your stomach. Add some flavor to your iftar menu with this tasty Ramadan drinks recipe. (

 3. Erk Sous, the licorice juice from the Middle East

This candy in a cup is a dream come true for all those people having a sweet tooth. This Ramadan drinks recipe extracts the sweetness from the licorice into a single cup. It is one of the popular street drinks of the Middle East. However, you can make it at home too. Moreover, the drink is an all-time children’s favorite, which makes it a must-have treat on occasional days. (

4. Jellab from Arabia

This drink is a traditional thirst-quencher and much preferred among the Saudi community. You can make the drink by soakingrom grape molasses soaked in rose-water. You can serve it with raisins and nuts too. It is best served cold and is very easy to make. (

5. Ayran from the Turks

This is a soothing yogurt-based drink with a salted flavor. On the whole, the iced yogurt base provides a relaxing drink at iftar. Moreover, the yogurt is great for canceling out all the acidity of the day. Furthermore, this helps replenish the beneficial microbial flora of the gut. As a result, the stomach upsets that are so common during Ramadan can easily be avoided. (

6. Vimto from Saudi Arabia

The Saudi instant beverage is made by mixing the Vimto syrup with water. It is one of the instant drinks that have acquired much credit in the Arab land. Almost every household has this special drink during the Ramadan period, thanks to its refreshing nature. (

 Traditional Egyptian Drinks

7. Karkadeh, sweet hibiscus tea from Egypt

Many men and women like to laze around after iftar. Karkadeh is the perfect companion at these times. The sweet tea made from an infusion of crimson hibiscus petals is a great way to sip off the stress of the day. It really is one of the must-have iftar drinks recipes of all times. (

8. Egyptian Sobia Drink

This thirst quenching drink is a mix of milk, coconuts, and rice. Indeed, these ingredients create a blend of energy and flavors. Moreover, it can serve as your booster after a long day of fasting, which helps revive all these energies in an instant. This Ramadan drinks recipe can take some effort to make, but that soothing effect is worth all the effort. (

9. Kharoub from the Middle East

The incredibly sweet drink is a personal favorite of the Arab community. Made from carob, the drink is a crowd pleaser. You can add it to your Ramadan menu to introduce a refreshing, hydrating and energy replenishing drink in your iftar. (

10. Tamrhindi from the Egyptian cuisine

This drink is one of the delights of the Egyptian table. It is often served alongside the famous hibiscus tea. Tamirhindi is made from the juice of the sweet and sour tamarind. Likewise, the drink can really rejuvenate your senses after a long day of fasting and is frequently served ice cold. Furthermore, as it is not too hard to make, you can whip it up in a short time before any iftar. (

11. Sahlab the Egyptian orchid drink

If you wish to grace the table with an interesting, nutritious drink, once in a while, the Sahlab is a perfect choice. The drink is made from dried and crushed orchis mascula. It also has a number of other ingredients that include, sesame seeds, sugar, Coconut, and milk. Of course, the drink is served hot, topped with raisins and nuts to form a beautiful, satisfying, thirst-quenching beverage. It may take long to make, but the drink is worth it! (

Traditional Asian Drinks

Pakistan, Bangladesh, and the Indian sub-continent also have a number of interesting drinks for iftar to offer. Their juices offer a variety of different tastes and range from smoothies to shakes to water based infusions. Generally speaking, whether its hot drinks or cold ones, Asian Ramadan drinks recipes won’t disappoint anyone.

12. The falsa juice, traditional Pakistani drink

Its falsa season and the market is full of these tasty, sweet and sour berries that tantalize your taste buds. Moreover, the juice is fairly easy to make and adding some flavorings can make its taste burst! This refreshing Ramadan drinks recipe is the highlight of the season.(

13. The cucumber cocktail from Pakistan

This fast and easy Ramadan drinks recipe literally takes 10 minutes to make. The hydrating cucumbers with all their antioxidants, serve as a great drink to rid the body of the daily buildup of toxic metabolic byproducts. Try this iftar drinks recipe out today! (

14. Rooh Afza from Pakistan

This is a very popular beverage that is especially welcome during summer fasts. It is made from a syrup called Rooh Afza, and is incredibly easy to make. Together with lots of ice, it is one of the best thirst quenchers on the Pakistani menu. Try it out for a refreshing break to the fast, any day! http://(

15. Elaichi Chai from the Pakistani Ramadan menu

A great crowd pleaser is the elaichi chai. It is extremely popular among the grownups and the elderly. The refreshing whiff of cardamom coupled with the revitalizing tea is a must have on those long fasting days. Serve the drink hot from the stove and couple it with small snacks like nuts and biscuits. Try this easy to make a drink for a refreshing boost during Ramadan.(

16. Thandai, the Indian milk

A special Indian drink, which is preferred by people of different religions. It is adored in Ramadan due to its sweet taste and cold, refreshing nature. The drink is made from different nuts and a number of spices and can take a while to make. However, the ultimate taste is really worth all the effort. Try the recipe to make this delicious drink for yourself too! (

17. Neer Mor from India

A traditional delicacy from India is the spiced buttermilk. Neer Mor serves as a tasty hydrating beverage and appetizer on those long days of fasting. As can be seen from the name itself, the colorful peacock drink incorporates a multitude of spices with yogurt to create the unique and iconic beverage. You are sure to love the taste of this interesting drink from Asia. (

18. Imli Aloo Bukhara Juice from Indian cuisine

For those of you looking for a sweet and sour treat at iftar, this chilled Aloo Bukhara drink is the perfect. Notably, it has an antitoxin effect and is extremely soothing. Therefore, it really calms the body and nourishes it for the next day of fasting. (

19. Burhani, the Bangladeshi spiced yogurt juice

Looking for some flavorings to spice up your iftar? The Burhani is the perfect drink for you. It is a blend of yogurt, cumin, coriander, black mustard and much more. As a result, the drink really satisfies your appetite and thirst. Try it out for a flavored change today! (

20. Jeera pani from the Bangla table

The traditional cumin is here with a twist. Try out this tasty iftar drinks recipe from Bangladesh. In addition to the taste, the drink is capable of draining all your heat and replacing it with energy. Definitely, the jeera pani can quench thirst and replenish energy in an instant. Include it in your iftar menu to give your family an energy boost. (

All these Ramadan drinks recipes are great examples of tasty and thirst-quenching juices that you can add to your iftar menu. Try and substitute plain water with these nutritious drinks. In fact, they will help introduce some valuable nutrients into the body during a fast and will surely help beat the summer heat. Give these drinks a shot. You will enjoy them for sure!


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